Dear Yellow Submarine 3D Website visitor,  Mud and Chelsea welcome you and hope that you find your experience entertaining, fun and  informative. Every graphic element you see on this site was created entirely by *ourselves,  initially as content for our two virtual Pepperland Sims. Having completed our two virtual  spaces, we realised that much more could be done such as our two Pepperland Youtube  Videos, publishing books about our Yellow Submarine inspired creativity and also going down  the road of 3D Printing.  The end result is this Website but not only do the aforementioned areas have specific pages  dedicated to them but extra goodies such as my 360 VR Rotations are included too. Not only  that but look below and you will see that I’ve been rather inspired to redecorate my kitchen  with a Yellow Submarine theme. I didn’t want to overpower the senses by painting it all  yellow and so only one long wall and a short wall above the kitchen door are treated in this  way. I printed most of the creatures from Pepperland II, framed them and hung them  accordingly. I didn’t want to include any characters from the first sim, Pepperland because  this was solely for the undersea scenes. I wanted an area where no pictures would be  visible, just the Beatles themselves looking through portholes. I used embroidery hoops as  a starting point but they were too thin and so I opted to buy in some cheap clocks with a  red plastic frame. This did the trick and the end result looks really good. I had to take great  care in disassembling them as the perspex domed faces were held in place with four brittle  lugs…and yes, one did snap off. Below is a gallery of images that shows some of the stages. *Please note: I’ve given credit where I’ve felt legally obligated to such as for the song tracks  used on our two Pepperland Movies, I feel that I should give credit also to the 3D model of  The Yellow Submarine itself, the one item that we didn’t create. It was bought for $60  from TurboSquid, a 3D modeller’s paradise.  Okay, enough said, time now for you to click on some portholes and enjoy our Yellow  Submarine 3D experience. Time now for me to relax with some Yellow Submarine Fine Beer.