The two videos above will both run at 1080p in full screen mode, the best way to view   them. They’re both linked to Youtube and so it’s best to go there first and select full screen   rather than directly from here as the quality reduces slightly. Both movies are an example   of ‘Machinima’, the name deriving from the words ‘Machine’ and ‘Cinema’, It basically   means a movie made within a game engine on a computer.     The first Movie Pepperland, features the Blue Meanie Mountain, Bandstand, Pyramid,   Pier Building, Pier building interior, Yellow Submarine interior, the Mayor’s String Quartet,   the ‘Hey Bulldog’ piano, Chief Blue Meanie’s Sedan Chair, Blue Meanie guns and a host of   the main characters. Pepperland II however features the below the sea scenes and most   of the main monsters to be found there. It’s purely a way of showcasing our 3D building   by letting you see what we have achieved and put to music too. Each movie lasts for   approximately 15 minutes.   Special thanks to Larry Russell and Joe Pecorino who wrote a wonderful song that features   on the Pepperland II movie and sung in the style of Ringo by comedy impressionist,   Stevie Riks. I also received an email from the great Klaus Voormann, designer of The   Beatles' 'Revolver’ album cover, bassist with Manfred Mann, The Plastic Ono Band and   many others. This is what he says......'hello pete, I watched pepperland. what a great   piece of work ! ! ! I love it. all the best, klaus'. How nice was this? I was and still am   gobsmacked, thrilled to bits even!  
     The comments below relate to the two Youtube videos that showcase our two Pepperland Virtual Worlds.  "I have LOVED this film since an early age, even before I found the Beatles! It' is still in my top 5 film favorites, just as a fantasy/musical stand alone. But this...I cannot find the words. Wow...just wow". "Love this place, easily my fave sim in OS so far". "This is so much fun! Walking around the build makes you feel like you are actually in the movie. Everything is meticulously crafted with such amazing attention to detail. The interior of the submarine especially is so detailed, opening to scene after fascinating scene. You could spend hours walking around, and if you are like me, you would be giggling with delight the whole time. This video, as usual, lets you see through the very creative eyes of the artist, and find all the surprises you might have missed. Chelsea and Mud, thank you for this magnum opus"! "An incredible fantastic journey through Pepperland. All the creatures and monsters and things and the vibrant colours and the! All fit together so well and gives you a feeling to be really IN Pepperland. You two did an awesome job. Pepperland is alive! Thumbs up"! "An Impressive video that has obviously had a lot of time spent on it with great models, colourful visuals and is deftly edited". "Amazing! congratulations". Thanks also to Klaus Voormann, Larry Russell, Joe Pecorino and Stevie Riks for their positive comments.