“Ah there you are.” says the Policeman. “I’m going to have to arrest you for loitering on the  previous page.”  “Don’t listen to him!” says the Hidden Persuader. “Have a cigar!” As stated on our ‘Meet The Creators’ Page, we started the project in the last quarter of 2014, not knowing how long it would take, what to include and what not to include, how much visitor interaction we would provide and most importantly, where do we start? It turned out that it ended up being an extremely huge project taking us around 8 months to complete. I imported my previously made 2002 textures but built afresh the Pyramid, Viaduct, Pier Building and Mountains (from where the Blue Meanies stage their attack on Pepperland). Chelsea started work on the "Hey Bulldog" Piano, Chief Blue Meanie Sedan and the Blue Meanies’ Guns. She then turned her attention to bigger projects such as that which became known as The Green Room of Staircases, where Captain Fred first meets Ringo,  The Pier Building Entrance Hallway and Corridor, where Fred and Ringo find the other Beatles, The Old Bandstand and of course, the beautifully detailed Submarine Interior. We built a couple of huge platforms high in our virtual sky, used as a testing ground and a place to create the larger scenes on. Eventually, once all had been built and ready to be placed in position, the platforms were trimmed down to leave just a small area around each scene. The Yellow Submarine interior was placed inside a 3D model and had its platform completely stripped away as sky platforms are never meant to be seen from outside, it's the inside that visitors teleport to and see. Chelsea’s work is truly exquisite, she started on the 'Hey Bulldog' piano first, with opening doors, a rotating piano roll that when clicked on, plays the song. The Sedan Chair too is a work of art, the Chief Blue Meanie is carried rather regally onto the mountain. The Guns, wow these are amazing! Touching them makes them fire little blue arrows that shoot from the barrel leaving a trail of greeny blue smoke. The canon sound is amazing too as is the recoil animation. We use quite a few scripted objects in Pepperland, for example, the Flying Glove rotates around a given path, the Apple Bonkers really do drop apples, wheels turn etc. It all helps to make for a really interactive experience. At each scene I've created Yellow Submarine style sign boards which explain the scene or where visitors can teleport to. What we have achieved is nothing short of amazing when you consider that the original film only contained two dimensional backgrounds upon which the live action took place. The live action being of course, 2D images drawn and painted in sequence on animation cel. It was the end of May 2015 that ‘Pepperland’ was opened to the visiting avatar public but it didn’t stop there. It spawned an inworld video, a self published book, 3D printed Characters. We were meeting and greeting visitors and tour groups to our virtual Pepperland, I think now best described as a virtual theme park for avatars. BUT! Something was missing! We’d been promoting Pepperland in the various aforementioned ways and in January 2016 we realised what that ‘something’ was…….‘Pepperland II’ of course! It was therefore decided to build part two but this time concentrating on The Beatles' adventures under the seas. We ordered another virtual world and 'Pepperland II' was built on this new space, well we were down to about 1000 prims remaining on the original, having used 29,000 in total and needed to start afresh with a full bank of 30,000 building blocks. The new build took us around five months to complete and we used around half of our prim quota. Chelsea took charge of the ‘Stripey Hills’ where all her fabulous fish now swim leading on to ‘The Sea of Time’, where she made the huge clock with surrounding cogs that really work. I placed a Yellow Submarine that circles the clock and the whole thing looks great because she also set up a Yellow Submarine tour which when it first starts off, mimics the Beatles seeing themselves in the other submarine. The tour is wonderful and the two submarines each take two avatars that can step off at any time during the tour if they see something that catches their eye. There’s a corner display that I built which shows the Yellow Submarine meeting the ‘School of Whales’. Chelsea made a couple of slightly different whale versions for this scene which I then copied several times over and then formed a rotating group of them at various sizes. I then had to create a mouth and teeth on the Yellow Submarine because in the movie it adopts a cheeky grin to fool the whales into thinking it is one of them and so let it pass. Next along are the ‘Foothills Leading to the Headlands’ where we see the submarine in trouble and more of Chelsea’s fabulous prim work, a giant fly, three yellow moons, some chickens and also, a ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ display which has a very clever clickable animated reveal. The centre of the sim is laid out a bit like a museum exhibit with installations featuring some of the monsters that ‘star’ in the undersea movie environment. Some of these can be clicked on to start various animations, an example being when the Yellow Submarine is under attack from ‘The Kinky Boot Beasts’…. a large boot is dropped from the submarine and gives as good as it gets. It’s actually a pendulum script that produces a swinging movement. The same is true of the ‘Boxing Monster’ with his punchball…..the punchball can be clicked on and the head swings from side to side, same script but set upsidedown. There’s so much to see and do on both our virtual worlds. One visitor to the sim said that it looked as though the movie creators had taken our 3D models and converted them for the 2D movie. What an accolade!. There were rumours of an actual real life theme park based around Yellow Submarine being built back in 2009, sadly though this didn’t happen which in some way is great for us because we’ve done the same with no expenditure, the only difference being that ours is for avatars only. It's been enormous fun and such a satisfaction to have been a part of all of this, we still can't believe it ourselves sometimes. We look back and often say to ourselves, 'Did we create all this?' Well yes we did!                                         Pepperland and Pepperland II at various stages of construction